A Short Introduction


Ken’ichi Ikeda has been professor in the Department of Media Studies at Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan since April 2013, after 21 years of teaching at the University of Tokyo. He is interested in social/political participation, voting behavior, and the mediated effects of Internet use on political behavior. He is the Principal Investigator such as the “Japanese Election Study III (2001-2006)”, and the “Comparative research project on values, trust, participation and democracy in Japan” (2009- 2014). He co-edited a book, Political Discussion in Modern Democracies: A Comparative Perspective, in 2010 (Routledge), and published a book titled Social Networks and Japanese Democracy: The Beneficial Impact of Interpersonal Communication in East Asia with Sean Richey in 2011 (Routledge). His publications are also found in the British Journal of Political Science, Electoral Studies, Political Behavior, Communication Research, Human Communication Research and other related English journals as well as numerous books and journal articles in Japanese.

His recent big work was to collaborate with other co-editors to publish;

He also has been involved in releasing publicly-open data sets which are mainly surveys conducted in Japan-nationwide on political culture, voting behavior, and political participation. Click this link to these data sets.